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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Up your game with a bigger penis

Having sex is just like playing sports. You need the best equipments, have high spirits and energy to play to the best of your abilities. But as sometime in a match things go against as to what you have planned, similarly during sex things can go out of hand as well. from the men’s side usually, it is about having a bigger penis which can make a woman happy and so finding harder erections with stronger orgasms is only possible if guys have dongs bigger than the average.

One maybe impressed by porn stars, but when it comes down to real life, with such hectic schedules and busy life gaining a bigger penis is definitely not easy. Stress, anxiety and work load can take a toll on your health which includes weakening the brain to an extent that it may lose its functioning. When the brain is out of its league, the male body sees a decline in the levels of testosterone and so stunned growth of penis, weak erections and decreased timings comes as a result.

But for a man, being mocked because of their small dick is a straight blow to their pride and ego. Men cannot compromise when a lady questions their masculinity and so increasing the size of their penis for wilder and exciting sex is as important as breathing for them. For all the desperate lads out there, here are some tips that will help you to up your sex game and make a comeback with a bang:

  • Male enhancement devices

Because this problem is becoming much more common these days, experts are working hard day and night to come up with products and devices that can help in male enhancement. One such successful piece of device is SizeGenetics. A simple equipment yet powerful in delivering results, this device works amazingly well for those who are seeking to enlarge their penis naturally.

Simple to use and inexpensive, place SizeGenetics on your penis while in shower to avoid any discomfort caused by friction. Tighten the screws and lock the device in place and spin the handles to create vacuum. This suction brings in more blood supply towards the penile tissues and so they are forced to expand resulting in a bigger penis in no time. This device works equally well for lads who are worried because of their curved penis as this is great to treat such issues as well. Jes Extender

  • Surgical methods

If you have a pocket full of money and are not afraid of going under the knife than this definitely a helpful method. Surgical procedures are painful, risky and expensive but the results are guaranteed and quick.

  • Exercises for penile strength

If your penile tissues will be well fed with oxygen and have strength, only then will they be able to expand in size. This can only be achieved through exercising. Guys who work out are much more mentally and physically fit and so the chances of them being able to successfully enlarge their penis are higher than those who are lethargic and lazy.

Be it a simple walk every day, getting yourself up and going gives your heart the chance to pump more blood throughout the body and so this way excess blood reaches the penile tissues which then needs space to accommodate the supply and hence expand in size. This leads to bigger, enlarged penis all naturally without any side effects. and working out relaxes your mind, enhances your stamina and sex drive so that you are able to perform better in bed.


  • Wear the correct size of pants

Knowing your pant size is as important as knowing the measurement of your dong. It may be a fashion for guys to wear tight fitted jeans but doing so every day is harmful for their sexual health and not every guy realizes it. When you wear underpants that are a size smaller, the blood supply to the penis is cut off and so the penile tissues are left to suffocate and lose their strength because of lack of oxygen. This leads to not only stunned growth but one may experience weaker erections and not survive in bed for more than a minute. Guys should be careful when following fashion and should wear clothes that fit just fine for the sake of their sexual health.

  • Conclusion

There are many methods which include pills and supplements for male enhancement but not every one of these can be trusted with your life. To play safe and still achieve the desired results, guys should try SizeGenetics as it works on the law of nature and aims at providing you with an enlarged penis without any side effects. So go ahead with some crazy banging and have fun.

Get bigger and firmer breasts in no time at all

A woman’s most prized possession is definitely her breasts. Where a man loves playing with it, women too associate these with fun and feminism. The bigger these two melons are, the more a guy is aroused. Thanks to celebrities, the concept of looking beautiful has changed totally.

You may be impressed by your favorite celebrity’s body, but getting such an amazing figure requires a lot of efforts. These might be getting paid for looking at their breasts but now a days more ladies are trying to find ways to increase the size of their breasts so that attracting men and sex becomes fun and easy. Not all women are fortunate enough to be born with great figures, most of them have to put in efforts to fake personalities that they are not and so faking bigger boobs can be quite annoying.

In this time of technological advancement, experts have been kind enough to come up with studies and ways that aim at increasing the size of the breasts successfully. From simple changes in life style to using creams, the methods are numerous and it all depends on the individual female which she finds to be best suited for her. Here are some quick and easy ways to enlarge your boobs with any visible side effects:

  • A hot oil massage

Well you might have visited spas to get a massage to relax you nerves. Getting yourself treated with a massage is an amazing way to not relax nerves and release stress but also improve the blood circulation around the body. massaging your boobs is a great and natural way to gain enlarged breasts without any side effects. Use an oil of your choice and simply apply a little pressure downwards on your boobs and move in circular motions. The right strokes stimulate the nerve endings present all around the mammary glands and more blood is supplied to the cells and tissues. With the excess supply, the cells expand which leads to enlarged breasts naturally. Brestrogen

  • Your clothes matter too

The majority of women love wearing clothes that are a size smaller than her actual size just to make her curves prominent and come forward as sexy. But most of them never realize the disadvantages of putting on such dresses. When your breast cells are unable to get oxygen due to lack of blood supply, they become weak and slow down the process of cell division and this is all caused by wearing a size smaller than your original one. As much as it may make you look sizzling hot, the deprivation of blood supply causes stunned growth so make sure to get clothes that fit just fine so that your boobs get a chance to breathe and expand.


  • Breast enlargement pills

From creams to pills, there are various breast enlargement products available in the market which the women are willing to try. Those ladies who do not mind experimenting with artificial items should give a try to Total Curve pills. This herbal formula has been carefully created from the best natural ingredients that work together to give ladies enlarged breasts in no time.

Just apply a little cream on your boobs, rub it and let it absorb to do its works. The ingredients target the brain to increase the production of estrogen in the body so that the cells are fed with more blood and the process of replacing old cells with new and thicker ones is sped up. The faster the cell replacement process is, the quicker a woman will be successful in improving her cup size.

  • Foods for breast enlargement

This may come as a shock but yes there are foods that do help in breast enlargement. Although people love eating junk food but those ladies with poor eating habits are usually the ones who complain about having smaller boobs. Fruits and vegetables are nature’s best blessings to mankind and yet not everyone is wise enough to take full advantage from these edible items. Fruits like apples, plums, cherries etc contain elements that are great for boosting the production of female sex hormones in the body which lead to gaining bigger boobs without any side effects.

  • Conclusion

No more getting injected with steroids and going under the knife when you have Total Curve pills to give you enhanced breasts. If used with a few changes in life style which includes healthy eating and staying active, Total Curve pills can do wonders for your body. The natural formula works from the inside to provide guaranteed results and is gentle on your skin so can be used without any hesitation. Although such methods do take some time to show results but it is always to play safe and choose natural ways to enlarge your busts to keep yourself safe from any side effects.

Prove your manliness with a bigger penis

Usually manliness and power are associated with the size of a man’s penis. The bigger it is, the more masculine and powerful a man is considered. But this might not be the case always. There are many guys out there who are great in bed and know how to satisfy a lady with their average sized dong.

But of course humans crave for more and are hungry for gaining what they don’t have and getting a bigger penis for more fun tops the list. Many lads these days face a problem with their sex life as due to stress and anxiety they have lost their sex drive. Most of them are unable to enjoy sex as they used to feel a negative change in their romantic life. Not many of them realize that they routine, the things that they do and eat every day has an impact on their penis’s size and their performance as well.

Does who have a less active life style, poor eating habits and are under constant stress due to the work load are usually the ones who have lost their game and charm. On the other men who lead an active life style and deal with stress in the best of ways have an amazing sex life. Not only are they successful in increasing the size of their dong but have a heightened sex drive which makes them go crazy in bed.

For men who complain about their small dick and disastrous romantic life, here are some ways that will not only help you in increasing the size of your penis but also improve your drive and boost energy to gain pleasure out of your sexual encounter. ProSolution Gel

  • Relax and chill out

Learning to relax and find ways to release stress is the first step towards improving your sex life and enlarging the penis. Those who are under constant stress with mind occupied with unnecessary things are the ones falling for such issues. A stressful brain utilizes all the energy and works more than its capacity which makes it exhausted. As it becomes tired, the brain is unable to control the production of sex hormones and so the body sees a drop in the levels of testosterone.

With decreased supply of blood, the penile tissues are deprived of the oxygen and food they need to continue with their functions and so lose their strength to give you firm erections and enormous orgasms. Also when the levels of testosterone drops, the process of cell replacement slows down and hence the new, thicker cells are unable to replace the old penile cells much more quickly leading to a stunned growth of the dong. So guys looking out for ways to improve the size of their dick that too naturally should exercise and take up fun hobbies to release stress and keep their mind fresh.

  • Penis enlargement pills and creams

With such advancement in technology where companies promise to give you fairer skin and aid in losing weight, male enhancement has become possible too as experts are constantly working on formulas that can enlarge penis without any side effects. One such natural formula introduced in the market goes by the name of Maxoderm cream. This cream is designed especially for men with natural ingredients so that they can successfully increase the size of their tool without any side effects.

Maxoderm cream aims at increasing the production of male sex hormone in the body so that not only does more blood reach the penile tissues but the process of cell replacement with new and thicker cells is always sped up. This cream works on the natural law and so helps guys in enlarging their dongs natural without any side effects.

  • Exercises for increasing the size of your tool

The best exercise that men can do is to hold the head of the penis and stretch it upwards, away from the body for a good 10 seconds and then leave. This should be repeated a few times every day and men will be able to achieve the bigger penis in just a few weeks. There are even exercises for strengthening the penile tissues so guys who cannot get firm erection and are unable to enjoy their sexual encounters should do these exercise for improved results.

  • Conclusion

When guys talk about using various methods for increasing the size of their dong, Maxoderm cream is one product that strikes them immediately, men around the world have benefited from this formula with any harm as the natural ingredients have been carefully picked for creating a successful formula with no side effects. Those looking for increasing the size of their penis along with strengthening the penile tissues for more fun, Maxoderm cream are definitely the ultimate solution.


The ultimate solution to “her” problems

Living a life of a woman is not easy. From having kids to going through a sea of emotions every month take a lot of energy and patience to deal with but because women are born to be strong, most of them are able to tackle these situations quite wisely. You may be handling the situations well but sometimes your body loses its track and efforts are needed to put forward for gaining back the functionality. Provacyl

From wearing and tearing to bleeding every thirty days, a lady’s vagina has to go through a lot. And so if one day your vagina plans to go against it normal functioning, give it time to heal and relax so it may come back on the right track. Stress, anxiety, child birth and fluctuating hormones are the main causes that has lead to women facing the problem of dry vagina. If its feels dry as a desert down there, blame it all on the times you made your vagina work out of its league.

Most women feel a drop in their hormonal levels after delivering a baby and it may take some time for them to spike up high to their original levels. As a woman, you may feel a decline in your sex drive and find sex painful as everything down there is all dried up and this is why you relationship may be on the edge ready to break. Rather than losing your partner and complaining about a dry vagina, it is better to find a cure and regain the joy of your sex life. For ladies having hard time enjoy sex and producing lubrication, here are some things that can be of great help:

  • Taking care of hygiene

For leading a healthy life it is definitely a great idea to take care of hygiene but when it comes about cleaning your vagina, ladies should take extra care. The vagina has a naturally maintained pH which helps in keeping your body infection free, aids in child birth and makes fun pain free. Body care products like soap and washes contain chemicals which are acidic nature and when used down there can cause the pH to alter which not leads to a dry vagina but also increases the risk getting infections. So women should avoid extra scrubbing down there and wash their vagina with only water that too once or twice a day in order to keep the pH value maintained.

  • Lubrication gels and creams

In severe cases when nothing works, women are forced to seek help from the outside which includes using lubrication gels and creams. One such well known product is HerSolution Gel which is made from natural ingredients and aims at increasing the vaginal lubrication for pain free sex.

The gel is odorless and the wonderful formula makes it non-sticky so can be applied before sex for better lubrication without your partner getting to know about it. The ingredients of HerSolution Gel aim at increasing the production of estrogen in the female body so their sex drive is enhanced and with increased blood flow the nerve ending at in the vagina is stimulated and a women feels wet down there. The more a woman is aroused, the more lubrication her vagina will produce and sex will be fun.

  • Foreplay can help too

Some couples focus at the climax rather than building up a great story. Sex can only becomes interesting and exciting when a lot of foreplay is involved. Fondling, exploring each other’s bodies and kissing can increase your sex drive and arouse you to an extent that you will feel like exploding. For ladies, foreplay can help them in producing lubrication. The more aroused they will be, the more wet their vagina will get and so to avoid painful sex, try spending a few minutes romantically playing with your partner.

  • Exercise for strengthening the muscles

Women who have gone through child birth recently are the ones who complain most about their decreased sex drive and dry vagina. Ladies who have bought a new being into the world through normal delivery might face such challenges as their vaginal muscles tear and become weak during and after delivery. For improving lubrication and strengthening the muscles, try kegel or floor exercises which will not only make sex easy and fun for you but also give you stamina to enjoy longer.

  • Conclusion

A few changes in your routine and precautions can help in improving your sex life. For faster and better results use HerSolution Gel and within just a few weeks you’ll be back on the track, enjoying your sex life to the fullest. This is easily affordable and because it has been made from natural ingredients, you won’t have to worry about any side effects as well.


Best ways to enlarge your penis and enjoy sex

Some men fear of not being able to perform well in bed. What if I am unable to satisfy my partner? What if I cannot get an erection or ejaculate within minutes? These are questions that arise in the minds of many men and so they become conscious about their performance.

Over thinking is one of the main reasons why most guys are unable to do their best. When your mind is occupied with things that don’t even exist or you’re too stressed out, the brain fails to produce sex hormones in the body that are responsible to control your sexual performance. For men it is important to relax their nerves and clear their minds before they jump in the field so that they can do their best to make their woman happy,

But there are also guys who genuinely face problems with their dong. Some complain about the small size of their penis while others say that they cannot get hard erections enough to penetrate their lady. For them backing out at the last moment just because their body did not obey brings along sheer embarrassment and so most of them try to avoid sex completely.

With such advancement in technology, where people successfully get new hearts and bodies, finding a solution for male enhancement is not so hard after all. With just the right decision and things, one can definitely increase the size of their dong and enjoy sex to the fullest. Here is what such desperate men should do: Penomet

  • Give up bad habits

Smoking and drinking is not the only things that harms your sexual health, masturbation while watching is also a bad habit that many guys enjoy but should give up for the sake of their sex life. Bad habits tend to a toll on their health because the toxins from cigarettes and alcohol narrow the blood vessels to an extent that the blood fails to reach the penile tissue and so they become weak.

Similarly masturbating too much weakens the tissues of the penis which cause them to not only lose their functionality but results in decreasing the quantity of cum produced. Those guys who want to increase the size of their penis should immediately give on such habits so that the blood flows without nay any hindrance and reaches the penis in order to give power to the penile tissues to expand and regain their functioning.

  • Oils and supplements can work as well

Well of course with such vast knowledge and advancements, experts have been successful in coming up with male enhancement formulas. One such wonderful formula which is readily available in the market is Male Extra. These pills are made from natural ingredients and so are safe to use by men who want to enlarge their penis.

The pills break inside the body, release the elements which aim at increasing the production testosterone in the male body. With higher levels of hormones, more blood is able to reach the penile tissues and so they gain strength to not only expand in size but also give your hard erections with improved timing for more fun and excited sex.

  • Eat well and exercise

Talking up a hobby that keeps you physically activity is a great way to not only stay fit but also improve your sexual health. Working out every day in the gym or just simply 30 minutes walk is enough to regulate the blood flow throughout the body which will ensure that more blood reaches the penile tissues. As the tissues receive excess supply of blood, they will be forced to expand in order to accommodate the extra supply which will result in enlargement of the penis naturally.

Similarly healthy options like fruits and veggies can prove beneficial if you are looking out for natural ways of male enhancement. Most of the fruits contain minerals, vitamins and other elements that aid in enhancing the size of the penis and also give your stamina to perform better. Those who eat well and follow a perfectly balanced diet, such men have increased sex drive and enjoy solid erections with longer timing.

  • Conclusion

Male enhancement definitely takes time and there are so many methods that can be used for it. Even those who can afford can go for surgeries that are painful but give quick and guaranteed results. But because not every man can afford such procedures, Male Extra is one amazing option for them as well.

These pills have helped a lot of men in treating their issues and so will help you too in leading a happy sex life. Within a few days of using Male Extra you will be able to observe a positive change in yourself not only with an enlarged penis but also with improved stamina and increased sex drive. So wait no more and make you sex life great once again.