My denim audit this week is on something somewhat unique – the McGuire Denim Newton Uncovered Catch Thin Jeans in Pinot Velvet. I had been respecting these on the Shopbop site for a couple of months and thought they were flawless, yet I wasn’t generally certain how well they would suit me and if the velvet texture would be loose or sick fitting (like it can be), so I held off getting them until the point that I chose the time had come. I’m happy I got them as they really shocked me in a couple of ways, so let me get to the survey and reveal to you why.

The Fit: The cut of these jeans is a mid to tall structure thin. It includes a 8.75 inch rise, an inseam of 28.25 inches, and a leg opening of 9.5 inches, so it’s an extremely very much fitted thin. custom made buttons for jeans I think the ascent is quite recently the correct stature to be comfortable, covering, and satisfactory for the uncovered catch fly. The thinness of the jeans is ideal for the texture too, as it’s not confining, but rather it doesn’t look messy either. I’ve attempted velvet jeans before and regularly they aren’t cut so thin and can look somewhat obsolete and sick fitting, yet these don’t.

The back pockets are not my most loved however, which I say sincerely. They are very long and tight, so they aren’t the most complimenting on the butt as should be obvious. I favor my back pockets to be somewhat more extensive and shorter so the base of the pocket winds up in a sorry situation of your cheek, without being on an edge. These pockets are separated very far separated, so they don’t give that elevate to your butt that I’m partial to.