Having sex is just like playing sports. You need the best equipments, have high spirits and energy to play to the best of your abilities. But as sometime in a match things go against as to what you have planned, similarly during sex things can go out of hand as well. from the men’s side usually, it is about having a bigger penis which can make a woman happy and so finding harder erections with stronger orgasms is only possible if guys have dongs bigger than the average.

One maybe impressed by porn stars, but when it comes down to real life, with such hectic schedules and busy life gaining a bigger penis is definitely not easy. Stress, anxiety and work load can take a toll on your health which includes weakening the brain to an extent that it may lose its functioning. When the brain is out of its league, the male body sees a decline in the levels of testosterone and so stunned growth of penis, weak erections and decreased timings comes as a result.

But for a man, being mocked because of their small dick is a straight blow to their pride and ego. Men cannot compromise when a lady questions their masculinity and so increasing the size of their penis for wilder and exciting sex is as important as breathing for them. For all the desperate lads out there, here are some tips that will help you to up your sex game and make a comeback with a bang:

  • Male enhancement devices

Because this problem is becoming much more common these days, experts are working hard day and night to come up with products and devices that can help in male enhancement. One such successful piece of device is SizeGenetics. A simple equipment yet powerful in delivering results, this device works amazingly well for those who are seeking to enlarge their penis naturally.

Simple to use and inexpensive, place SizeGenetics on your penis while in shower to avoid any discomfort caused by friction. Tighten the screws and lock the device in place and spin the handles to create vacuum. This suction brings in more blood supply towards the penile tissues and so they are forced to expand resulting in a bigger penis in no time. This device works equally well for lads who are worried because of their curved penis as this is great to treat such issues as well. Jes Extender

  • Surgical methods

If you have a pocket full of money and are not afraid of going under the knife than this definitely a helpful method. Surgical procedures are painful, risky and expensive but the results are guaranteed and quick.

  • Exercises for penile strength

If your penile tissues will be well fed with oxygen and have strength, only then will they be able to expand in size. This can only be achieved through exercising. Guys who work out are much more mentally and physically fit and so the chances of them being able to successfully enlarge their penis are higher than those who are lethargic and lazy.

Be it a simple walk every day, getting yourself up and going gives your heart the chance to pump more blood throughout the body and so this way excess blood reaches the penile tissues which then needs space to accommodate the supply and hence expand in size. This leads to bigger, enlarged penis all naturally without any side effects. and working out relaxes your mind, enhances your stamina and sex drive so that you are able to perform better in bed.


  • Wear the correct size of pants

Knowing your pant size is as important as knowing the measurement of your dong. It may be a fashion for guys to wear tight fitted jeans but doing so every day is harmful for their sexual health and not every guy realizes it. When you wear underpants that are a size smaller, the blood supply to the penis is cut off and so the penile tissues are left to suffocate and lose their strength because of lack of oxygen. This leads to not only stunned growth but one may experience weaker erections and not survive in bed for more than a minute. Guys should be careful when following fashion and should wear clothes that fit just fine for the sake of their sexual health.

  • Conclusion

There are many methods which include pills and supplements for male enhancement but not every one of these can be trusted with your life. To play safe and still achieve the desired results, guys should try SizeGenetics as it works on the law of nature and aims at providing you with an enlarged penis without any side effects. So go ahead with some crazy banging and have fun.