Living a life of a woman is not easy. From having kids to going through a sea of emotions every month take a lot of energy and patience to deal with but because women are born to be strong, most of them are able to tackle these situations quite wisely. You may be handling the situations well but sometimes your body loses its track and efforts are needed to put forward for gaining back the functionality. Provacyl

From wearing and tearing to bleeding every thirty days, a lady’s vagina has to go through a lot. And so if one day your vagina plans to go against it normal functioning, give it time to heal and relax so it may come back on the right track. Stress, anxiety, child birth and fluctuating hormones are the main causes that has lead to women facing the problem of dry vagina. If its feels dry as a desert down there, blame it all on the times you made your vagina work out of its league.

Most women feel a drop in their hormonal levels after delivering a baby and it may take some time for them to spike up high to their original levels. As a woman, you may feel a decline in your sex drive and find sex painful as everything down there is all dried up and this is why you relationship may be on the edge ready to break. Rather than losing your partner and complaining about a dry vagina, it is better to find a cure and regain the joy of your sex life. For ladies having hard time enjoy sex and producing lubrication, here are some things that can be of great help:

  • Taking care of hygiene

For leading a healthy life it is definitely a great idea to take care of hygiene but when it comes about cleaning your vagina, ladies should take extra care. The vagina has a naturally maintained pH which helps in keeping your body infection free, aids in child birth and makes fun pain free. Body care products like soap and washes contain chemicals which are acidic nature and when used down there can cause the pH to alter which not leads to a dry vagina but also increases the risk getting infections. So women should avoid extra scrubbing down there and wash their vagina with only water that too once or twice a day in order to keep the pH value maintained.

  • Lubrication gels and creams

In severe cases when nothing works, women are forced to seek help from the outside which includes using lubrication gels and creams. One such well known product is HerSolution Gel which is made from natural ingredients and aims at increasing the vaginal lubrication for pain free sex.

The gel is odorless and the wonderful formula makes it non-sticky so can be applied before sex for better lubrication without your partner getting to know about it. The ingredients of HerSolution Gel aim at increasing the production of estrogen in the female body so their sex drive is enhanced and with increased blood flow the nerve ending at in the vagina is stimulated and a women feels wet down there. The more a woman is aroused, the more lubrication her vagina will produce and sex will be fun.

  • Foreplay can help too

Some couples focus at the climax rather than building up a great story. Sex can only becomes interesting and exciting when a lot of foreplay is involved. Fondling, exploring each other’s bodies and kissing can increase your sex drive and arouse you to an extent that you will feel like exploding. For ladies, foreplay can help them in producing lubrication. The more aroused they will be, the more wet their vagina will get and so to avoid painful sex, try spending a few minutes romantically playing with your partner.

  • Exercise for strengthening the muscles

Women who have gone through child birth recently are the ones who complain most about their decreased sex drive and dry vagina. Ladies who have bought a new being into the world through normal delivery might face such challenges as their vaginal muscles tear and become weak during and after delivery. For improving lubrication and strengthening the muscles, try kegel or floor exercises which will not only make sex easy and fun for you but also give you stamina to enjoy longer.

  • Conclusion

A few changes in your routine and precautions can help in improving your sex life. For faster and better results use HerSolution Gel and within just a few weeks you’ll be back on the track, enjoying your sex life to the fullest. This is easily affordable and because it has been made from natural ingredients, you won’t have to worry about any side effects as well.